Kevin Roach


Musicians' Corner

Kevin's passion for excellence in his playing extends to his instruments and all his accessories. Kevin is, in fact, Past-President and Founding Member of ROSIN (Rosin Organization for Standards International Now). "Young musicians need to understand the importance of quality in all aspects of their music. Not just instruments, but bows, strings, pegs, hairs--all contribute to the ultimate sound." According to Roach, rosin use in particular needs to come out of the closet. "It's those darned classical violinists. We all know they use rosin, but can you see it? No! What's up with that? Do they wipe it off? Who has time to do that? What kind of example are they setting? How can rosin be effectively discussed if they won't even admit using?"

Despite his activist attitude, Kevin is discreet about his own rosin usage. With respect to his own preferred brand, Kevin will only reveal that it is several thousands of years old. "I have to protect my sources," is all he will say. As for rumours that he keeps his own horse and regularly plucks its tail, Kevin answers only with a twinkle in his eye and a chuckle.

Kevin leads the ceili band at the 2006 Pat Murphy Easter Irish Set Dancing Weekend. Pat's on the box.


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