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The CD

"The Downpour is a flawlessly played, thoroughly enjoyable CD by a musician that I know loves the tunes." -- Celtic Heritage Magazine

The Downpour was nominated for a 2007 East Coast Music Award, in the category of Instrumental Recording of the Year.

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KEVIN ROACH: The Downpour

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The Tracks


All titles traditional except as noted.
All instruments played by Kevin except as noted.

1.  Silver Spire Set (reels) PLAY
Silver Spire/Sophie-Jo (K. Roach)/Sean McGuires (The Magnetic)
In a set with two of my favourite reels, the middle tune is named for a sweet girl who will surely grow up to be a dancer.
Tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, acoustic guitars--with Dave MacKinnon, bodhran

2.  Idaho (K. Roach) PLAY
Written for fingerstyle guitar, this tune took me on a bit of a journey.
Acoustic guitar/lead guitar, mandolin

3.  McDermott's Hornpipes PLAY
Two hornpipes popularized by the legendary fiddle player Michael Coleman, played here as a mandolin duet.

4.  Paddy O'Rafferty/Dusty Windowsills (jigs)
Two well-known Irish jigs, often played at sessions.
Bouzoukis, guitar--with Gordon Cameron, bodhran

5.  O'Carolan's Draught
Going for baroque with the blind harper's classic.
Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki

6.  Sgt. Early's Dream 
Slow reel/guitar improvisation

7.  Stages Set
Stages Hornpipe/The Honeysuckle
Return of the mando duet, plus bouzouki

8.  The Undiscovered Country (K. Roach)
Another guitar-themed instrumental - the title comes from Hamlet's famous soliloquy.
Acoustic guitar, mandolins, lead guitar

9.  Limerick Lasses/The Downpour (K. Roach)  (reels)
A great old Irish reel, coupled with a reel composed by myself.
Tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin, bouzouki

10. The Mathematician (J. Scott Skinner)
The Skinner classic la pompe.
Tenor banjo, acoustic guitar

11. Sporting Mountain (K. Roach)
A solo guitar piece and a trip up the mountain

12. Sgt. Early's (Other) Dream
Acoustic guitar/electric guitar


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